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Mærke: DeLaCour

Historien om DeLaCour

deLaCour was born from the design of a very special timepiece, the Bichrono, and other creations have followed naturally. The creative process is what defines deLaCour. In a market saturated by global brands, deLaCour speaks to a niche clientele which values individuality over current trends. To wear a deLaCour watch is an affirmation of one’s personality.

The award-winning slogan “Since Tomorrow” defines deLaCour’s conception of creativity. We like to say that, thanks to our constant innovation, the history of the brand is written in the future. deLaCour is a reflection of our time.

The slogan “Since Tomorrow” is associated with the symbol of modernity and innovation; it evokes an ongoing development that defies time.

deLaCour and its slogan “Since Tomorrow” are strongly entwined; a timeless choice, a philosophy that inspires the company daily.

The past and its traditions are reassuring in history; unlike the notion of “tomorrow” that calls to the unknown.

The founder’s aspirations are to express duality in the brands’ DNA:

– Classicism and Avant-garde
– Tradition and Innovation
– Past and Future
– Formal and Casual